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Special Precautions

The worst part of the Herxheimer reaction mentioned in the Causes of Arthritis page usually lasts for about 3 - 4 days in the first week.  It starts from the second or third day from the time the protocol commenced.  After that it is reported to feel like the latter stages of a cold or the flu for the final weeks of the cure. 

However, we have found that there are two groups of people to whom we cannot administer the six week protocol.  These groups are:

1.  People with a history of muscular sclerosis are not able to take the six week protocol due to the intensity of the Herxheimer reaction with the MS.  Accordingly, if you or your blood relatives have a history of MS we need to know about this prior to starting the six week protocol.  Unfortunately, the six week protocol is just not available to MS sufferers.  The alternative is a longer protocol with other medicines that do not interact with MS.

2.  Patients who have been on any of the following treatments need to stop taking those treatments for at least 4 months prior to the start of the six week protocol.  The reason for this is because those treatments will interfere with or even completely negate the efficacy of the protocol.  We will not see the 80% success rate we see with most patients if you have been on these treatments:


Our protocol simply will not be effective until such time as the above treatments have been eliminated from your system.  Also, the Herxheimer reaction could be very intense.  We want you to get well.  We do not want you to suffer needlessly by taking an incompatible protocol.   Four months is not that long to wait to be cured once and for all.

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