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Herxheimer Reaction

The Herxheimer reaction was discovered in 1902 by two research Doctors named, Karl Herxheimer and Adolph Jarisch.  They both noticed a "flu" like reaction when they administered certain drugs in high dosages.  The reaction they observed would increase the symptoms of the disease they were trying to cure.  Then shortly afterwards, the symptoms disappeared and there was no trace of the disease. The patients were cured or in remission.

Since then over 20,000 patients in various locations worldwide have had their arthritis cured by several doctors. It has been observed that almost 100% of the patients who actually have arthritis will get a reaction to the medicine we use to kill the amoebas.  Patients that do not have arthritis do not get the reaction.  The same person, once they have flushed out the amoeba's (or whatever they are) from their body, will not get a Herxheimer reaction when they take the medicine again in the same dosages as before.

The Causes of Rheumatiod Arthritis page talks about the 80% success rate that Doctors have experienced.  This success rate has occurred in clinics all over the world from the USA to England to South Africa and other places.  All distant from each other.  Patients from these diverse locations have all experienced the Herxheimer reaction to one degree or another.  Its intensity varies by degree from unnoticeable to the need for local pain relief for a few days for a few people.  Each patient is different in this regard. 

Without going into deep biological detail here we think the reaction is because of the fact that the amoebas are a protein foreign to your body AND that they are being killed by the medicine.  When they are dead protein your system will flush them out.  It May be the immune system gets a wake up call with all the dead amoebas around and goes into a defensive mode, thus triggering the reaction.

The Herxheimer reaction usually is the strongest for about 2-3 days of the first week of the protocol, but it can vary widely from patient to patient. It generally begins on the second or third day from when the protocol starts.  Usually it is an intensification of the various arthritis symptoms. Most patients will just want to stay in bed for those days. 

For people who have to work, we recommend that the protocol start just before the week-end.  Then take Friday off and stay home when the Herxheimer is the strongest.

The stronger the Herxheimer the Greater the Wellness. 

For patients who experience the stronger Herxheimer reactions we administer local pain killing injections.  This the exception.  For most people the Herxheimer reaction is similar to the "flu" and no further intervention is necessary.  It diminishes in a couple of days and from then on they function normally. 

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