Meet Luis G. Zambrano, DDS

Dr. Luis Zambrano has been practicing dentistry in Monterrey, Mexico since his graduation from the University of Nuevo Leon Dental School in 1992.  He completed his dental internship at the government owned Centro de Salud (Health Center) in Zuazua, Nuevo Leon in 1993. He also studied advanced anesthetics at the University of Toronto in Canada.
Upon completion of his internship, he joined his father's dental clinic in Monterrey, Mexico where he practiced until the end of 2007 with his other two brothers who are also dentists.  Dr. Luis specialized in Biological Dentistry and Amalgam Replacement at this father's clinic.
In the course of his amalgam replacement practice, Dr. Luis noticed that several patients were also suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was interesting that some of these patients would see a reduction of their arthritis pain a few weeks after the mercury was removed.  Was that all?  Perhaps more could be done.  But what?
Then co-incidence struck.  In the summer of 2005,  a long-time dental patient and family friend George, explained how he was able to "cure" his arthritis with a "forgotten" protocol.  He experienced a rather strong Herxhiemer reaction which severely increased his arthritis pain in the early weeks but, at the end of the protocol, the pain was gone and flexibility returned.  Fortunately, he kept copious notes about his condition each day during his Herxheimer reaction.  He also had six mercury-silver fillings.  Dr. Luis immediately replaced the mercury-silver fillings to help restore his immune system to normal.   George continues to remain pain-free 5 years after the protocol was completed.
Now there was concrete evidence that the "forgotten" protocol together with mercury-silver amalgam replacement could be a viable answer for millions of people around the world suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis.  As a result, in 2005 the Center for Advanced Medicine for the treatment and cure of Rheumatoid Arthritis was established and operated in association with the Zambrano Clinic in central Monterrey.  Dr. Luis is the lead care-taker in this endeavor.  George is the Support Group leader and coordinator.
In early 2008, Dr. Luis and his brother Dr. Mauricio, seeing a need for increased specialization established The Evolut Clinic in San Pedro Garza Garcia, a suburb of Monterrey.  Naturally, The Center for Advanced Medicine headquarters moved too.  This new, larger clinic takes great pride with its state of the art techniques that use only biological compatible non-metal dental materials.  These include some very exciting space age ceramics, such as zirconia for crown and bridge re-constructions, high density resins for fillings and ozone therapy.  In the past, root canal procedures often created anaerobic infections that were very difficult to manage.  Arthritis and heart disease have been found to be potential side effects of standard root canals which, unfortunately, continue today around the world.
The clinic practices mercury free and metal free dentistry for all of its patients. Dr. Luis does not recommend the use of mercury-silver amalgam as a filling material. Likewise, root canal procedures without ozone therapy and the use of bio-compatible metal free re-constructions are not recommended.
Dr. Luis is an expert in amalgam replacement having already completed Amalgam Replacement on over 2000 patients at the beginning of 2010.  His dental expertise is outstanding as is shown in the before and after photo below.  We have other before and after photos of amalgam replacement on the Beautiful Teeth page.

                  Broken Tooth Before                 Broken Tooth After
               Normally this would have required a more expensive crown.

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