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Curing Arthritis

You did not "get" your arthritis in a few weeks.  It has been lurking and building in your body for quite some time before you began to feel the effects.  Fortunately, we are able to cure over 80% of our patients with our basic protocol, if and only if the basic protocol is the proper method to treat and cure your arthritis.  Hopefully,  you are one of those "lucky" people in the 80% group who will respond to the protocol,  then six weeks from when you start you will be free of your arthritis - free of your pain and discomfort.

Unfortunately, with arthritis DELAY = DAMAGE.

The longer a person waits to be cured the more damage they will suffer. This is just a simple fact. Remember the longer you suppress your symptoms while you let the disease run free the more damage it will do to your body.  There will come a time when the damage is irreversible.  Early treatment is a must for those who want to get completely well.  There really is no such thing as "mild" arthritis, just mild symptoms that will flare up on the schedule set by the amoebas, not you.  Unless you take action.

Once you are cured, this does not mean that you are immune. Some people get arthritis again.  That is why we take a booster every six months after the completion of the protocol.  Also, you got your arthritis, at least in part, because of your life-style.  You will need to make some healthy changes in your lifestyle, primarily in the area of nutrition.  This will help you remain arthritis free in the future.  For some people these will be modest changes for others they may be significant.  We will go over this with you in detail as your protocol progresses.

Since the protocol will not reverse any damage that the amoeba's and their arthritis have already caused it is important that you get cured as soon as possible to stop the onslaught of these little beasts called amoebas.  Any pain killers or other drugs that you have been taking only masks the pain while the disease continues its conquest of your body and your joints.

Remember, there will only be one winner.  You or the amoebas.

The score must be YOU - 1,  amoebas - ZERO!

The sooner the amoebas are killed the sooner you will get your life back. Its just that simple.

The problem is that you may have to fight to get healthy. There are forces that want to continue treating your symptoms with their expensive and dangerous drugs. Just in case you didn't already know, the reality of health care in the USA today is that it is under the control of the large pharmaceutical companies whose only interest is profit, not the good health of their customer - namely, you. Their financial interest is in having you as a long term patient. Curing you will cut off and end the cash flow they are desperate to maintain. Did you know that in many States it is against the law for your doctor to even talk with you about the possibility of a cure for most if not all of the "cash cow" diseases?

This is, in part, because of over an zealous application of something that is relatively unknown outside of the medical and legal fields called the standard of care. It has become a tangled mess that is now very, very different from what was originally intended when enacted into law. Because of the standard of care framework, doctors are closely monitored by their powers that be who take "umbrage" with anyone who strays from the straight and narrow as defined and interpreted in their corporate offices. Incredible as it may seem, it is the big pharmaceutical companies who tell the doctors what is the standard of care for treatment of our diseases, not the other way around.  If a doctor were to tell you about cures that exist today for many of the giant cash cow diseases like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, candida albicans (yeast infection) and many more it will only bring an unpleasant scrutiny at the least and if taken a step or two further could mean revocation of a Doctor's insurance policy which effectively terminates his medical career.

The dental profession is no different.  Did you know the law in California prohibits a dentist from counseling a patient about the pros and cons of dental restorations using mercury silver amalgam?

Sound like the Gestapo? Brave New World?  Sure does to me. Skeptical? If so, just do a Google or Yahoo search on this subject and read a few war stories of what happened to doctors who cured patients with "non-standard" treatments that worked. For more on this subject please see our Standard of Care page.

Now you have an option that you didn't have before!

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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