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Our protocol is the "Forgotten Cure" for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

We are the second opinion of the real cause of arthritis.  Our second opinion is backed up with years of successful cures (or remissions) by our patients, in our Monterrey, Mexico Clinic and in the clinics of the pioneers of our protocols some 60 years ago in England, South Africa and the U.S.A.  Read on to find out why this was the Forgotten Cure".
Scientifically, nobody can say they are 100% sure of the exact cause of arthritis BUT, we DO know how to beat it!  And we DO think we know the cause or causes.  The track record of our protocols prove the theory that arthritis is pathogen based. The evidence is overwhelming that we are correct. Patients get on the protocol, get the Herxheimer reaction and 6 weeks later become free of their arthritis symptoms. The ameoba, micoplasms or whatever pathogens are causing the arthritis are killed by our protocol. Then the dead proteins are recognized by the immune system which triggers the Herxheimer reaction and later eliminated from the patient's system. This normally takes 6 weeks.

Now some background about arthritis. Throughout human history there has been this scourge we call arthritis. But did you know that it has not been exclusive to humans?  Evidence of arthritis has been found in fish and dinosaur fossils.  More on this important point later.

Doctors, researchers and scholars have tried without success to determine with 100% certainty what is the exact cause or causes of this terrible disease.  Without a cause there is no clear target to go after.  Without a cause only the symptoms can be treated. Enter Big Pharma and their pain management drugs.

We think our theory about the cause of arthritis makes more sense than the usual response that our immune system is defective, deficient or something to that effect.  Then the next thing we hear is that "since your immune system is the problem there is no cure, but we will manage your arthritis with pain killing drugs. We will help you learn to live with your arthritis".  Maybe the immune systems in those fish and dinosaur fossils turned against them too.  We reject this hypothesis.

Our experience shows that it is more likely that infestation by the amoebas also impairs the immune system to the point that is unable to "see" the amoebas "hiding in plain sight" throughout the body. After they are killed by our protocol, then the immune system "sees" them as dead protein and cleans them out during the Herxheimer Reaction.

Nature has made these amoebas into very strong survivors from pre-historic days until today. They were able to use their toxins, or some other mechanism, to make themselves invisible to the immune systems of cold blooded fish, warm blooded reptiles and mammals. The immune systems were their only enemy before now.  They were able to set up colonies inside of their hosts with impunity until our protocol came along.  They die on contact with our medicine and cause what is known as the Herxheimer or Die-off Reaction.  Due to their sheer numbers, billions or maybe trillions, it takes time to kill enough of them to tip the immune system back in favor of the patient. This happens in the fourth to fifth week of the protocol, where the inflammation and pain begins to subside.  At the end of the six-week protocol the Herxheimer Reaction disappears and the immune system rebuilds itself resulting in pain reduction of 80% to 100%.  There is no further need for medications, except the six-month boosters.  Any residual pain at the end of the Herxheimer Reaction at the end of the six-week protocol often abates to 100% a couple of months afterwards as the immune system rebuilds and cleans out any remaining "critters".

With a diagnosis of arthritis today we have just entered the medical "twilight zone".  We are now supposed to be satisfied with the "management" of our arthritis pain. To just take our medicine and pay the medical and pharmaceutical bills, which for some may run as high as $25,000 per year in the early years and go up from there as we age and the disease debilitates us more year by year.  You see once we have been diagnosed with arthritis we just become another hopeless case.  A case, however, who will be sending monthly funds to the medical and pharmaceutical industry from that day forward.

We do not accept this!  Neither should you!

Research has amply shown anyone with an open scientific mind that rheumatoid arthritis is probably caused by micro-parasites, these are free living one-celled amoeba or some other sub-microscopic critter, that are found in every living creature on the planet, including you and me.  There are about 300 different known species of these amoebas and probably many more yet to be identified.  Amoebas have a defined cell wall.  Some "critters" have no cell wall are also dangerous to us.  In either case, they die when our protocol is taken. We know this because the Herxheimer Reaction begins in the first few days of the six-week protocol.  So to keep things simple we will call them all amoebas.  In the laboratory they are very difficult to detect since they can be easily mistaken for one of the body's own cells (called macrophages) unless the researcher uses the correct stain to illuminate and view them.  The trick here is to know what you are looking for in the first place. 

These little beasts get inside of us and set up shop around our joints or in whatever organ that particular specie of amoeba happens to like.  Then the toxins they produce, e.g. the wastes of those living cells, provoke arthritis in its varying forms.  To understand what these toxins really are, you need to know that none of these amoebas or other sub-microscopic critters are wearing diapers. Not a pleasant thought. In a word, arthritis is the symptom that we have been overpowered by these amoeba and their toxins and is not the disease in itself.

This is a very critical point that needs to be understood clearly so we want to repeat it here.  Arthritis is not the diseaseIt is the symptom of the existence of an infestation of these one-celled amoebas in our bodies.  Now, we finally have a target to go after, namely the amoebas that are ganging up on our immune system and causing us so much excruciating pain.  Now we finally have a way to get rid of these parasites you get well. When this is done, your pain will be gone or vastly reduced.  We treat the disease to relieve the pain.  We not mask it like the patent medicines from Big Pharma do.

We treat the disease and not the symptoms.

Here is exactly what our protocol does.  By using FDA approved anti-protozoa medicines we kill these amoebas in six weeks.  By removing the silver dental filling material from your mouth we remove the daily mercury loading stream that weakens your immune system by flooding it with mercury atoms it cannot handle. By adding a quality fish oil to your diet, it helps to reduce inflammation together with multiple other benefits of this essential oil.  This, gives the immune system the help it needs to keep the amoebas in check from then onward.  We take back our humanity and get off of those debilitating, pain killing drugs for good. AND if we start early we may not have any permanent damage to our joints or other organs.

Our pain is gone and our reason to live has returned.

So how can we be so sure that our theory is the correct one?  Well for one thing, the personal experience of over 20,000 people in total who started and finished the protocol, have gone through their Herxhiemer Journey's and cured their arthritis in the clinics of the Doctors who came before us some 60 years ago and now again in our Clinic in Monterrey, Mexico.  You can decide for yourself why this cure was forgotten for 50 years.  But more importantly is that it is available once again.  
We know that the double-blind clinical trials that some people in the medical world insist are needed before our protocol can be hailed as "the cure" have not been perfectly administered in the past.  In spite of this, we believe that there will come a day that it will simply be accepted, like aspirin became accepted as a pain killer.  Did know that aspirin has never had a double-blind study to confirm that it will help relieve pain?  Aspirin just works.  I wonder why we don't have somebody insisting on a double-blind study to prove if aspirin works to relieve pain?  You can come to your own conclusion here, too.

In a nutshell here is the overwhelming evidence:

  •  80% who take the protocol lose their arthritis symptoms
  •  100% of the 80% experience a Herxheimer reaction
  •  The stronger the Herxheimer reaction the better the results
  •  There is no reaction if a person doesn't have arthritis
All of the above shows that the medicine is doing something in cases where amoebas are involved.  Finally, it is possible to be re-infested with these amoebas.  That is why we need to take a booster every six months.  If there has been no re-infestation then there will not be another Herxheimer Reaction.  AND since six months is a short period of time, if there is a re-infestation, the reaction, if there is one, will be very mild compared to the first.

We also find that these amoebas have distinctive colors of light brown to dark brown and sometimes light blue to dark blue.  Since there are 300 types presently known and who knows how many types are yet to be classified other colors may be discovered in the future.

Below is a photo of a Naegleria amoeba magnified 1,500 times.  We see in the medical literature evidence that these amoeba are capable of ingesting (eating) both red and white blood cells. This is very disturbing.  It explains how they do damage to their hosts, namely, you and me.  First, they rob us of the nourishment contained in our red blood cells, then they weaken our immune system by eating our white blood cells. This plus their gift of toxic wastes.

If enough these amoebas eat enough of our white blood cells then our capacity to mobilize our white blood cells against them is diminished. Obviously, if they can overpower or become "invisible" to our immune system with their toxic wastes, these parasites living inside of us can multiply to the point where they will literally kill us, but first they inflict their excruciating pain.  Not too nice.  The build-up of these toxic wastes over the years from these amoeba living inside of us manifests itself with as many as 300 or more different kinds of afflictions which include Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Here is what one specie looks like.

So there you have a second opinion as to the real cause of your arthritis.  This second opinion is backed up with years of successful cures (or remissions) of this dreadful disease by thousands of people.

In view of the reaction of the amoebas to the medicine we use to kill them, we think this scenario makes more sense than any other.   To simply believe that the immune system of millions of healthy people suddenly became defective and then, BAM we've got incurable arthritis for the rest of our life is just not credible anymore.

Medical and Biological knowledge does not increment as if it were on a ramp. It goes in stair steps.  What was a complex problem finally gets simplified after times of controversy.  There are many examples of this such as the germ theory of disease which doctors resisted until the growing practice of cleaning up between patients proved its merits. Those pioneers were right. Often, the explanations, when finally figured out are strikingly simple.  Did you know tuberculosis was considered to be several diseases before they discovered its cause?  Now we have tuberculosis of the lungs, bone etc.  Is arthritis next?  We think so.

This website will go into greater detail about the other types of arthritis, their causes and how the various cures work.  Yes, there are different cures for osteoarthritis and gouty arthritis, plus 300 more separately named diseases that now can be known as RA.

We will be discussing some of the various ways these amoeba enter our bodies via food and water and what specifically we can do to correct or prevent this.  We will be discussing how we can help our bodies conquer these amoeba with some small but significant changes in our diet.  We will be discussing a simple way to prevent their re-entry into our system via our water supply or swimming pool.

We will be discussing the health or lack thereof in the oral cavity and teeth.  Did you know that if you have mercury-silver fillings (amalgam) you are exposed to minute quantities of mercury every day causing chronic low level mercury poisoning which could be a contributing factor to your arthritis?  You can get complete up-to-date information about this on the Mercury Poisoning page. 

Did you know that if you have had a root canal or teeth extracted you might have a hidden source of chronic neuro-toxins that could be a contributing factor to your arthritis or even heart disease?  We will show you how we test for these situations to determine the risk factors you should be aware of to make an informed decision about how to improve your health.   Complete up-to-date information is found on the Biological Dentistry pages.

YOU can take charge of your health care. Knowledge is power!

We invite you to read through our website.  We think you'll be glad you did.

Our Doctors and Dentists use cutting-edge treatments to cure this terrible disease.

Learn facts about your arthritis that you may never have been aware of before.

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