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We are different!

We are The Center for Advanced Medicine. A busy multi-lingual group of Physicians, Dentists and Healthcare Professionals headquartered in San Pedro Garza Garcia, a suburb of Monterrey, Mexico.  We embrace the "novel" idea that true health is achieved when the cells of the body are free from invaders and parasites that prey upon our natural defenses and give chronic diseases like arthritis the upper hand.  We believe that our body is truly a miracle, capable of healing and regenerating itself if and when it is given the chance to do so.

We attack arthritis on several levels to tip the immune system in favor of the patient which then restores a natural state of pain-free health.  Our arthritis protocols completely negate the theory that "your incurable arthritis exists because your immune system has turned turned against you".  Our years of clinical experience show the exact opposite.  Patients who arrive in wheelchairs are soon walking and buttoning their own shirts.  Ladies are back in their high heels again.  This is the reality of our clinical results.  We cure arthritis.  It is just that simple! 

Doctors who preach that arthritis is an incurable auto-immune disease where the body's tissues are attacked by its own immune system find that pain management is certainly a nice business with a steady flow of repeat customers.  For every patient that accepts this "incurable auto-immune disease" theory a permanent positive cash flow is created for future office visits and pain medications amounting to thousands of dollars per patient per year. While the bank accounts of these doctors and drug companies increase the progression of the arthritis continues on, with only the pain, or in many cases just some of it, masked by chemicals.  Patient suffering continues to increase while their bank accounts decrease.  We reject this medical and business approach.

We believe that healthcare delivery should treat the disease not the symptoms.  We back this up with our policy of a one-time payment rather than an endless string of costly consultations.  Even with the 80% plus success rate of our main protocol every patient is entitled to unlimited follow-up consultations if needed.  In the few cases where additional protocols are needed, the only additional expense is the cost of the medicines.  We truly are interested in seeing you return to a life free from pain. 

Our protocols and therapies were developed over 50 years ago by researchers in England and the USA.  At that time they were tested and improved in several clinics throughout the world.  Even though more than 50,000 patients world wide were cured of their arthritis in those days the protocol failed to gain mainstream acceptance.  Then for some reason it was almost forgotten.  Obviously, the care and treatment of a condition is more profitable for doctors and drug companies than a cure would be.  Perhaps this is why.  We leave it up to your imagination as to why this reality exists today.

When we opened our doors with our first patient in 2005 we followed those proven protocols and therapies exactly.  Our success shows that was a wise decision.  As far as we know,  we are the only Clinic in the world that does this.

Protocols and therapies that see high success rates only happen when the disease itself is attacked.  This enables the patient to return to a vibrant, healthy condition.  We do not believe in treating symptoms that only deliver a return trip to the doctor's office for more drugs that have proven to be very dangerous is proper health care.   It is a sad comment indeed that this has been the only option available to many people.  Now you have another option!

Our results speak for themselves.   Arthritic patients arrive unable to walk because of the pain are able to get out of their wheel chairs and walk again.  People who used canes or crutches to walk just throw them away and walk normally again, pain free.  Our goal for every patient is to cure their arthritis and enable them to assume an active, pain free, normal life.

We want to see you on a return visit as a friend, NOT as a source of continuing income.  This is what happens when people are cured.

AND this is what makes us different. 


Dr. Luis G. Zambrano
Medical-Dental Director
The Center for Advanced Medicine

Our office hours are from 9-7 Central time.

YOU can take charge of your health care. Knowledge is power!

We invite you to read through our website.  We think you'll be glad you did.

Our Doctors and Dentists use cutting-edge treatments to cure this terrible disease.

Learn facts about your arthritis that you may never have been aware of before.

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